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Foreclosure Defense Package #4 (Motion To Dismiss For Fraud, Samples of Fraud upon the Court) (All States)

Foreclosure Defense Package #4 (Motion To Dismiss For Fraud, Samples of Fraud upon the Court) (All States)
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Foreclosure Defense

Foreclosure Defense Package #4


A message from UDoLegal's Legal Eagle Rory Rohan:

If you are going through Foreclosure you need to make sure every decision made from this point on is the right decision for you.  This means above all you must get a handle on your emotions to ensure every choice you make is strategic and not done on impulse.  Read my letter to UDoLegal's users and take the time to follow my advice and caught up with the latest Foreclosure Defense news

If you are going to have any chance of saving your home you must make it a rule every decision you make be an informed decision.  In buying this you are not only arming yourself with the information you desperately need -you are taking the first step in a strategic plan to save your home.

About the Product:

These pleadings are tested and have been successful.
These pleadings may be adapted to your personal situation.

A Motion is defined as a generally written, formal request made to a judge for an order or judgment. Motions are made to the court during a lawsuit to resolve procedural or other issues that come up during litigation. Motions are made to continue or postpone a trial to a later date, to abate the action, for dismissal of the opposing party's case, to compel a response to discovery from the opposing party, to get a modification of an order, for a judgment, for a rehearing, for sanctions (payment of the moving party's costs or attorney's fees), for relief from an order, to vacate a judgment for fraud or other cause, or for dozens of other purposes. Most motions require a written document, some require a written brief of legal reasons for granting the motion, all require written notice to the attorney for the opposing party and, often, but not always, there is a hearing before a judge. Most motions cannot be appealed until the case is over.

In most mortgage securitization foreclosures the plaintiff bank does not properly own the note and mortgage. Plaintiff banks continue to file the foreclosures with the hopes that the defendant borrower will either fail to respond or improperly respond to the complaint. If either of those two events occurs then the plaintiff bank will be able to foreclosure upon a note and mortgage that they do not actually own. But in the cases where the defendant borrower properly responds to the complaint and raises the issues enunciated in this book the plaintiff banks have been known to resort to submitting fraudulent documents to the court in order to complete the foreclosure.

Refer to the Foreclosure DEFENSE Manual regarding Affidavits and Assignments for examples of the fraudulent documents that plaintiff banks and their attorneys have submitted to the courts. Should you find yourself faced with a situation wherein the plaintiff bank or their attorneys have submitted an assignment that was executed before the mortgage and note or that was executed after the filing of the foreclosure complaint, or that was improperly or fraudulently notarized then you should use the Form for Motion To Dismiss For Fraud. Bring the fraud to the attention of the court and you may be able to get the foreclosure complaint dismissed entirely. The entire crux of the argument is that in many of the foreclosure involving securitized mortgage the plaintiff bank does not own nor hold the note and mortgage. That does not stop the plaintiff bank from attempting to take your home from you. Who is the real owner of the note and mortgage? Once again, if you borrow money from bank A you do not owe that money to bank B unless bank B can prove that it obtained the right to collect the money in a proper fashion, such as through a properly executed and legally sufficient assignment or other acceptable means.

  • Emergency Motion to Cancel Sale, Set Aside Judgment, Require an Evidentiary Hearing Based Upon Fraud on the Court.  

  • A Description of the problems surrounding Fraud upon the Court.  

  • Motion to Dismiss For Fraud.  

  • Sample ---Emergency Motion To Set Aside Judgment For Fraud Upon The Court. 

  • Sample ---Emergency Motion To Dismiss For Fraud Upon The Court. 

  • The package comes in download form

  • The motion documents are in DOC and PDF Formats. 

  • File motions pro se! (on your own) 

  • Save thousands - no need for an attorney. 

Remember!  A properly structured strategy leaves nothing to chance.  You can stop the bank. You can save your home.  You can do it on your own and save thousands in attorney fees. 

You can do nothing and most definitely lose.  Or,

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