Contains Every Letter, Pleading, Discovery Form, Motion To Dismiss, Answer And Counterclaim That You Will Ever Need To Prevent, Stop Or Postpone A Foreclosure On Your Home.

Letter from the author:

If you're reading this there is a high chance either you, or someone close to you, is experiencing foreclosure. The first and foremost rule you need to follow above all else is don't panic. We make foolish decisions when our emotions get the best of us. It is critical that you begin making the right decisions - if you are going to have any hope of keeping your home.

You must educate yourself about the process. Only by familiarizing yourself with specifics regarding foreclosure procedures will you fully appreciate and understand THAT YOU DO HAVE OPTIONS. Let me be very clear on this - you do have options. And we can help you with those options. Your bank may have you believing otherwise. The bank is protecting THEIR interest - not yours. You need to step up to the plate and protect YOUR interest as well as your home.
I've taken great care to collect information from around the country that proves without a doubt that the Bank can be beaten. You can win and save your home with the proper advice.
The book gives you the means to put an effective defense in to action. In the court system everything is done through paperwork - motions, pleadings, answers, discoveries, etc. The process is logical and methodical. Most of it boils down to knowing what form to file and when to file it. I not only explain the process - I've included all the forms you'll need.
Knowledge is Power. With knowledge comes confidence and with confidence comes peace of mind. If you still prefer to have an attorney represent you then at the very least you will be able to speak intelligently about your choices, and vastly improve the likelihood you choose the path that is right for you. My services are available.
My Best,
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