UDOLEGAL.COM offers a variety of services including a Do It Yourself Foreclosure Defense Manual, pleadings, legal information, legal products, legal forms, document preparation, a community, referral services to qualified suppliers, and updates, alerts and newsletters on topical legal issues.

The Company is a broad based entity covering many areas of legal services and products with the mission of bringing legal services and products to both a broad based general public and to legal professionals at the lowest possible cost. We pride ourselves on that guarantee.

The Company is operated by legal professionals with a wealth of expert experience in many areas. The Company continues to strive to be in the forefront of the debate of many topical legal issues and problems with which many of us must confront.

Executive Biographies

Rory Rohan is the Chairman of the Board of Director, the founder of UDOLEGAL.COM. Mr. Rohan has been an attorney, developer, real estate consultant, property manager as well as a building contractor for over 27 years. With experience in all aspects of real estate law Mr. Rohan brings a unique perspective to the business of the Company. While drawing from his experience and his extensive contacts and network throughout the industry, Mr. Rohan has crafted a valuable collection of information, pleadings, discovery materials and forms as well as providing a simple and succinct explanation of the mortgage foreclosure problems facing so many homeowners on a daily basis. Mr. Rohan is committed to lowering the costs of legal services and increasing access to such services to the general public. Mr. Rohan received his Bachelor of Science from the Warrington College of Business at the University of Florida and further received his Juris Doctorate from The University of San Diego. Mr. Rohan has extensive experience in all phases of real estate, including the business of foreclosure. Mr. Rohan is the President and/or Chairman of the Board of a number of additional private entities and companies with broad based business purposes. Mr. Rohan has practiced his craft for over thirty years.


Management Team

Cory J. Smith is the President, Founder and Director of Technical Development for 8020-Advantage.com. His extensive history in technology companies dates back almost twenty years. His entrepreneurial experience began at the age of 24 in 1992 when he established Cyberlink Technologies to focus on the rapidly expanding sales and service market in the personal computer industry. Over the last several years his focus has been devoted to creating and marketing his own search engine --Fazzle.com. Mr. Smith lends his valuable and extensive marketing and development experience to the Company and is integral to the operation of the Company and the implementation of its mission.


Adjunct Advisor

Michelle Yanchula is an adjunct advisor to the Company and brings a wealth of experience to the Company. As an attorney who is a member of three Bars—Missouri, Kansas, and Florida—Ms. Yanchula lends a unique perspective to the mission of the Company. Ms. Yanchula has been instrumental in the launch of the Company and continues to be a valuable advisor to the Board of Directors.

R. Delaney Rohan has been instrumental in advising the Board of Directors and in compiling the documents and the information necessary to launch and operate the Company. A graduate of the University of Florida College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Department of Political Science Mr. Rohan is an integral part of the company and has been a driving force behind the mission to bring legal services to the public at the lowest possible costs. As a current member of American University in Washington D.C. Mr. Rohan continues to monitor the profession for new and exciting methods of website utilization. His insight, advice and input are invaluable to the operation of the Company.

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