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Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller - Campaign Contributions Rise When Foreclosure Investigation Begins

by Kevin McNellis, April 20, 2011

Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller's campaign war chest got a dramatic boost after he announced his leadership of the 50-state attorneys general investigation into foreclosure irregularities. Out-of-state law firms and donors from the finance, insurance, and real estate sector gave $261,445-which is 88 times more than they had given him over the previous decade.

Last fall, The New York Times reported that the nation’s largest banks were improperly—and potentially illegally—rushing foreclosure proceedings with faulty or incomplete paperwork, which caused the banks to temporarily declare a moratorium on pending foreclosures and prompted the state attorneys general to launch an investigation into their foreclosure practices. The first tangible evidence of that effort—led by Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller since last October—was leaked to the press in March.

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