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Illinois Foreclosure Statute Laws

Judicial foreclosure is available in Illinois; non-judicial foreclosure is not available.  Primary service instrument is mortgage. The timeline for foreclosure in Illinois varies by process, but typically last 210 days. Right of Redemption is not allowed.  Deficiency judgments are allowed.

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  • Mortgage foreclosures in Illinois has been slowed.   NEW! 90-day grace period.  Troubled Illinois homeowners facing foreclosure will get up to a 90-day grace period under a law signed by Governor Quinn April 5, 2009.
  • Illinois Legal Aid can assist you with foreclosure in Peoria IL, and Cook County Illinois.
  • A foreclosure auction may occur in Illinois after a consent judgment.
  • The numbers of foreclosure homes in Illinois are at the highest level since the great depression.
  • Visit our Illinois Foreclosure Laws section for relevant code.

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